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Full Text Search

Full Text Search

Use the full text search to find a word or an expression irrespective of which field it occurs in.
Use the full text search first to check whether your search returns a result.
Field search

Field search

Use the field search to find a word or an expression in a selected database field such as title or reference code.
Use the field search if you want to search selectively and know the meaning or use of the individual fields.
Archive plan search

Archive plan search

The archive plan search enables you to navigate in the hierarchical tree structure of the archive, from the higher-level fonds to the individual document provided that it has been captured. Many documents are only comprehensible from their classification in the archive plan.
Use the archive plan search to get an overview of the various fonds or to selectively access known fonds.
Descriptor search

Descriptor search

Search by index terms and find the related archive items. This enables you to search for particular person terms, place terms and subject terms if they have been assigned by the archive. If the descriptor to be found does not exist, this does not mean that there are no associated archive items.
Use the descriptor search to selectively search for person, place or subject terms entered in the archive.



Dear users of the SIRAnet database.

From September 4, 2020, the SIRAnet system will be under maintenance (technical update). Until further notice, the ordering of archival units through the system will be disabled.

Archival units can be ordered directly in archival reading rooms, by phone or e-mail to the address of the relevant archival institution. All contact information is available

Thank you for understanding.


Browser is used to search within the data on archives kept in Slovene regional archival institutions.

Browser enables a user to search by full text search, archive plan search, field search or descriptor search. If the search produces many results (up to 3000) it can be limited in two ways: by repeated search with more accurate (narrower) determination of search parameters or by transferring results into working folders and by subsequent search within one or two working folders. Details concerning methods and execution of individual search forms are available directly in a menu Help. Explanation of selected basic archival terms can be found in a special Glossary.

A registered user is in position to partially modify user interface (change of user password, adjustment of field search, number of results per page, etc.) and create one or more working folders

On the basis of search results archives can be ordered in the reading room of the chosen archival institution personally, by phone, telefax, e-mail or using a basket. When placing an order via the Internet the requested data must be typed into electronic order form. They are only used in processing the order and not for any other purpose. The reading room's employees of the chosen archival institution will - in accordance to the rules governing the usage of the archives - confirm the receipt of the order and give you further instructions. The number of results in the basket is limited to 100.

In spite of sistematic data collecting by archival institutions not all searches will have results. It is because of the fact that the requested data are not yet a part of the electronic system or the data in electronic form are protected in accordance with protection of personal or other sensitive data. The users are advised always to contact the chosen archival institution in order to get more information. Contact information can be found in a drop down menu Contacts.

Due to the fact that browser SIRAnet does not enable users to search directly within the database of The Archives of the Republic of Slovenia, they are advised - when searching within public archives created by government authorities and other entities under public law which are established by the state and operate nationwide - to click directly on browser of The Archives of the Republic of Slovenia.



Mutual database SIRAnet has been built by Slovene regional archival institutions on the basis of preserved archives and in accordance with legislation and international archival standards. Each archival institution transfers data about the archives it keeps and they all together coordinate and supplement the normative database. It comprises geographical names, mutual thesauruses, private persons, families and corporate bodies or associations.

Data collected in mutual database SIRAnet are directly connected to various Internet sources, such as:

1. COBISS.SI Co-operative Online Bibliographic System and Services,

2. GEOPEDIA – interactive atlas of Slovenia,

3. The Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia...

System enables the user to connect to individual entries of the mutual database by entering the URL address of the chosen entries into external informational system.


hyper link produces a list of units of entry related to geographical descriptor »Maribor.« Value of different descriptors can be combined with logical operators AND and OR.

hyperlink produces a list of units of entry containing term Maribor in the title, content or in other fields accessible via the Internet.



Consortium SIRAnet comprises all Slovene regional archival institutions, parts of Slovene public archival service: Regional Archives Koper, Regional Archives Maribor, Regional Archives Nova Gorica, Historical Archives Celje, Historical Archives Ljubljana and Historical Archives Ptuj.

Consortium manages joint hard- and software needed for functioning of mutual database. In accordance with Slovene legislation, international archival standards and following the current practice it determines and puts into force rules governing the data collecting into mutual data base on archives, kept in Slovene archival institutions. Data were produced in the course of work of various authorities and other entities under public law which are established by the state or local authorities and functioned on the local level.



Clicking the link you open the list of selected archival informational systems, which enables the web access to archives kept in archival institutions abroad. Additionally, there are available other informational sources , which can improve the understanding of archives in Slovene regional archival institutions or the context of their content.

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